Architecture in a high-tech underground structure design

During the design of a typical modern metro, engineering aspects prevail since underground structures remain hidden to most humans. Aligning the advanced architectural concepts with the engineering requirements of the Naples Metro Line 1, called for a thorough rethinking of the design process so that the engineering could be kept aligned with the architecture, integrating seamlessly the two with the construction methods, standards and technology. This methodology has required continuous alignment of approaches, eventually leading to the design consistent with the original architectural vision, yet fully compliant with the engineering and construction framework.

Strategy of a project for a city renewal

The underground line 1 participates in an integrated system of rail transport, supplementing urban connections with a number of interchange nodes, collected in a ring system. The track meets the main modes of transport (national trains; regional trains; underground trains; port and airport) through both the central and peripheral neighborhoods. The work becomes a site of intense renewal, where the works of engineering contextualized in major redevelopment of urban scale. ln this context, Naples Metro system promotes different levels of study: engineering work alongside the projects of great architects are set up as museum galleries and the Art becomes the leitmotif of the work. The continuous discovery of artifacts in the excavation of the status has turned the work into a major relief work of the archaic stratigraphy, expanding the knowledge of the city's history from its origins to the Middle Ages, up to push for the creation of archeological museum spaces, inside of the stations. The Triple «A» represent the development of recent works underground; Archaeology, Architecture and Art, creating a new urban environment that affects the entire city, giving a new face to the squares in the Centre and in the outskirts (dominated by degradation and carelessness).

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