ITA Young Members Program

ITA young members program

The WTC 2019 is approaching!

ITAym objectives and key activities are set out to create an international professional networking platform and support other Member Nations in establishing their own national Young Member organisations.

The ITAym board together with the Italian Tunneling Society young members’ representatives is organizing a number of events built up to involve in both professional and networking activities the international young members of tunneling association in the days they will spend in Naples at WTC.

It has been a year since a large group of young members got together in Dubai in 2018 to discuss the issues and challenges pertinent to the next generation of tunnellers. Since its inception at WTC 2014 in Brazil five years ago, the ITAym has continued to grow, develop and advance. The ITAym now counts about 20 nations formally establishing young members organisations with more added every year.

The ITAym mission is to:

  1. Provide international information hubs for young professionals in the tunnelling & underground space industry in order to enable the exchange of experience and to build on the professional network.
  2. Outline the need to bridge the gap between generations and embrace the opportunity to network across generations in the industry.
  3. Improve awareness of the tunnelling & underground space industry to new generations.
  4. To provide young professionals and students with a voice in the ITA.
  5. To look after the next generation of tunnelling professionals and to pass on the aims and ideals of the ITA.

Between May 3 and 9 of 2019 the tunnelling world is gathering in Naples, Italy and as part of the proceedings of the WTC, the ITAym will hold elections for vacancies on the steering committee. As we prepare for the upcoming conference, we would encourage you to:

  • Register for the WTC and get your papers ready if you had abstract(s) accepted
  • Register for the ITACET Training Course
  • Prepare submissions for the ITAym General Assembly regarding the future direction of the group

As per the steering board elections, any tunnel engineer under the age of 35 is very welcome to apply, provided that she/he is also a member of one of the National Associations, recognized as Member Nations within the ITA-AITES organization. Candidates should first apply to their ITA Member Nation and should be officially designated by the President of the Member nation as representative for YM. One member per country is authorized to vote, so get in touch with your member nation tunneling association of you are interested to actively participate to the assembly!

The Steering Board is looking to involve ambitious and enthusiastic young tunnelers from around the globe to be an active part of the organization, on condition that she/he is:

  • Enthusiastic about Tunnelling, in all its forms and technical/business aspects.
  • Connected with the younger generation to encourage them getting involved.
  • Committed in terms of time to meet with the rest of the board and work on specific tasks.
  • Eager to be involved and help shape the future of Young Tunnellers in the ITA-AITES.
  • Walk up nominees at the WTC Young Members General Meeting will also be accepted, even if they have not previously responded to the call for nominations.

Attendance at the WTC is not required from candidates, however the nominees is encouraged to participate in the ITA-YM General Meeting via web-conference to enforce their candidacy. Candidates can also step up at the General Meeting on the day. However, all candidates are strongly suggested to send their résumé and this form to one week before the starting of the WTC, in order for the board to have sufficient time to review their application and circulate information timely to the Member Nations’ young member representatives.

We look forward to a fantastic turn out in Naples. See you there!


Please let us know if you have any queries regarding the ITAym or the ITA more broadly via

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