Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

The Scientific Committee is currently working on the final program of the Congress, that will be available in  March 2019, once the paper review process will be completed and the podium/poster presentations will be chosen.

In the meantime, we invite you to find out the Technical Sessions preliminary program.


These below the main points:

  • 4 parallel Technical Sessions on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning and afternoon, for a total of 16 sessions (one session for each topic and 2/3 sessions dedicated to the 4 topics with the highest and interesting number of papers);
  • A special additional technical session on Transalpine Tunnels on Tuesday afternoon; 
  • 4 A.A.A. Sessions, organized in conjunction with ITACUS outside the main venue dedicated to Archaeology, Architecture and Art. These sessions include a guided tour to the Bourbon Tunnel and the AAA presentation in the splendid Serra di Cassano palace, in the heart of Naples, on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday morning and afternoon. Guests will jump into the past, through the steep stairs caved in the tuff rock that link the basement of the Serra di Cassano Palace to the Bourbon Tunnel (find out more details here).

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