Congress venue

Congress Venue

Mostra d'Oltremare

Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 54, 80125 Naples

Mostra d’Oltremare is the main conference hub in Southern Italy. Its size, architectural properties and services provided make it a large multi-purpose centre, and place it on the top rank of the Italian trade show system. The significant planning and historical value of the site has prompted the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, through the competent Superintendency, to issue regulations for the protection of the entire area.

It features the new Oltremare Conference Centre (Palacongressi Oltremare), the Auditorium, the Mediterraneo Theatre and the Italia Room in addition to Pavilions that can accommodate up to 3,000 attendees. The conference rooms and halls of Mostra d’Oltremare host more than 100 events per year, of which roughly 25 are of national and international status.

Inside the premises of Mostra d'Oltremare there is a small but very ancient archaeological site. In particular, there is a short part of the "Via Antiniana" (a Roman road), an ancient aqueduct, public baths and a small temple for offerings. Mostra d’Oltremare provides charming locations such as “Fasilides Lake”, a faithful reconstruction of the castle of "Gondar" in Africa; the Garden of the Cedars; the Exedra Fountain, where its water, light and music shows, turn any event into a glamorous, unique and unforgettable experience.

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