Another dimension of landscaping

Concerning the public open spaces, the digging of underground tunnels became step by step the conception, literally from bottom to the top, of a real revolutionary concept of the city environment: from a simple opportunity of urban redevelopment, it became so far a process of true transformation of the city.

Since the first landscaping projects, with only the reuse of spaces with public access or the reorganization of car lanes and the realization of garden spots, the urban renovation started to put the emphasis to pedestrian use of squares and to give a new collective image of the city, with a monumental public space. This was breaking new frontiers.

The underground project started to spread across the public domain, barely connected to station spaces and within the archaeological pattern, open a new view to another dimension of landscaping.

The underground landscape has become the pivot from which to pursue the sustainability of the infrastructure. Walking through the hallways of the new Naples Metro has become an emotional journey, to find and preserve our interior landmarks. The underground Line 1 represents an integrated project: Art staging the empty walking lanes, Architecture improving the quality of living in the urban setting. This theme was projected to the outside: each urban design has a different approach.

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